Concrete Inspection Services, Inc. has been providing Ground Penetrating Radar and radio-detection services to the Pacific Northwest since 2000. 

Our mission is to provide the highest level of professional locating at a low cost service with quick turn-around time.

Our specialty is concrete imaging in structural concrete and utility locating.  

Equipment & Usage

2600 Mhz antenna is the highest resolution antenna available. It is a must for locating PVC conduit and hydronic tube in-floor heating.  It is also the best choice for locating on pandeckhollow core slabswaffle decks and any concrete structures less than 10 inches.  

2000 Mhz antenna is the smallest antenna available.  It is a high resolution antenna with a practical depth of 12 inches.  It is the perfect choice for locations where overhead anchoring is required. It is also great on CMU walls, beams, columns and restrictive areas.

1600 Mhz antenna is a high resolution antenna commonly used on post-tension slabs up to 18 inches in thickness. It is also excellent for locating conduit in slab on grade.

400 Mhz antenna is a deep penetration antenna. It can penetrate soil up to 6 feet in depth making it an excellent tool for locating UST's, pipe and septic fields and utility lines. 

RD8100 Radio-detection is a perfect compliment to GPR for locating utilities.  Radio-detection locates live electrical beyond the reach of GPR  making it an excellent choice for concrete or asphalt on grade locating. It also provides a general location of electrical within 10+ feet in depth.

Rodder can be used in combination with Radio-detection to trace out plumbing or empty conduits. 

Geode GPS mapping allows us to create a 3D overlay on Google Earth for all outside utility locating applications. 

Transpointer is a precise method to detect entry and exit points through a desired structure, as well as measure the distance between them.
Types of Experience:
Post Tension Slab
Pre Stressed Slab
Waffle Deck
Pan Deck 
Hollow Core Slab
Post Tension Beam
Concrete or Asphalt on Grade
CMU Walls
Precast Walls
Concrete Walls
Storage Tanks
Drain Fields